TJPhotography | About
Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my Website.

I am a German Photographer and love to travel, to capture and enjoy different places.

As more and more people have been asking me, where to purchase my pictures, I would like to give them the opportunity with this brand new established Website.

My main target is to inspire people to see the World from a different angle. Hopefully I can make some happy with my Photographs too.

As I said, I love to travel and also love to be in the nature and part of it, I always try to capture those amazing places for those who are not able to enjoy them on their own, to inspire them and also to give them the chance to be part of those fantastic moments, I've been able to enjoy, thankfully.

If you have questions or critic, you can always write me a message, I will try to answer them a.s.a.p, of course.

If you like my Photographs you can always purchase them please follow the links on the Photographs therefore, for special wishes please contact me.

My purchasing department is linked to some of the best Fulfillment Services of the World, deliveries around the Globe are possible. You can choose between approx. 1000 Photographic products.

Take some of those stunning moments back to your place, too.

I Hope you will enjoy my Portfolio.

Best Regards

TJ Photography